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How to tile A1 PDF pages into A4 or A3

My patterns come in A1 or A0 format. It is easier to prepare, and I can organise layers easily.

In Adobe Acrobat, there is a layer tab

When you open the file PDF download of the pattern, you will have a tab on the left called “layer”.

Here is the screenshot in Adobe reader and Adobe Acrobate DC

The layer tab is on the left.

See all the sizes. There is a little eye in front of each layer (size) to show or hide.

Here, only size 14 is visible because the other size (layers) are unticked

Choose the size you want to print

That is the print menu

Make sure it is on “actual size”

Then go to poster.

Choose your printer

  • Print all
  • Choose cut marks and overlap for easy assembling
  • Choose portrait and landscape to save paper. 
  • Refer to the window on the right for the tiling ( here 12 pages)
  • Only the layers (sizes) you choose will be printed on A4.
  • You can choose another paper size in the printer property, if your printer print more than A4.

ALL DONE, try it with my patterns

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