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  How different are my patterns

Traditionally, patterns are bought in little pouches. they are on very thin paper and folded 4 to 6 times.

My patterns are different and you can download free sample there to try out.

Standard Patterns

My Patterns

Thin paper doesn’t lie flat on the fabric. the size might change while cutting it.
It is very hard to reuse, the paper is too fragile.
The pieces are all over the place, on different sheets and it adds more confusion.
80 gr paper (same you use in your printer)The size is A1.
One color : all is printed in black Different color for different lines : cutting line in red, stitching line in green……
Lack of construction line. Only the finish shape is presented to you. Waist line or hips lines are not shown. Alteration can only be done after a fitting. All the line are printed. stitching line, facing line….. so you know what has been done and can do some alteration on paper at waist, hips……before cutting.
 The explanations are very complicated and often confusing Only assembling instructions. You can adapt the finishing you want according to your level of sewing.
Many sizes and gradation lines Only on size on paper with the possibility to draw amendment yourself.

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  1. Could you please give me more information about learning to create a block for a skirt and trousers. The classes at Ponsonby for Wednesday 11-1 what do they cover?

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