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Pattern Making Classes

We have our pattern making classes from Mondays to Saturdays.

They are general level : Different levels are in the same class with a sewing corner for those who want to sew.

The classes are very small in number : 3 maximum and last 2 hours.  We need to be very well organised for that.

The beginners has to book 3 sequential classes at a time, so they don’t forget what they have learn. Two sets of three is the average to achieve the beginners level.

The advanced level is more flexible as Students are independent. They have enough knowledge to start their work without me.

The sewing is done in the class according to the needs. The beginners in sewing will start by sewing their calico toile : darts closure, sides and sleeves. They can practice on calico before sewing their “dream fabric”.

Get in touch with me for more info.

Check our “MINI CLASSES”  for more details on how we  work.

26 thoughts on “Pattern Making Classes”

  1. Me and my friend would like to do pattern making. Do you have any classes coming up we could attend. My friend has done sewing and I am a complete novice to the whole thing, but am very interested and keen to learn.

  2. Hi there,

    I’m very interested in your pattern making workshops and would like to know more information please via email.

    Are there prerequisites before attending? How frequent are the workshops or are they one-offs?

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  3. W.A.W.Ajith Kumara

    I am from Sri lanka i am very interested in pattern maker do you have any classes coming

  4. im a cameroonian and i just got in a fashion clothing school how can get to know pattern drafting more.

  5. I am a cameroonian and i wish to learn more about pattern, you will be of much help to me if you guide me on what to do.
    Thanks for your understanding

    1. hi jonason. Yes we have a slot for Saturday class. How many classes do want to attend? I can send you documentation by mail.

    1. thanx for your enquiry. we don’t have saturday class at the moment. classes are on tuesdays, thursdays and fridays. I send you documentation via mail

  6. I am interested in learning the art of pattern drafting. I have copied a few of my own garments with success but would like to become more confident and learn it properly. Could you email me some more information, Thanks

  7. Hi there, are your pattern making classes still active? If so I’d be very interested in coming along. Thank you

  8. Good morning, I am interested in taking pattern making clases, if still on? Could you please send through some information? Many thanks!

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