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Group classes

The group classes are on hold at the moment. It will resume on saturdays very shortly

Individual Classes

The class have started and are on going every weeks, Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays.

One to one Classes.

On appointement only.

It is for the students who don’t want to follow the standard beginners and advanced level and need more personal adaptation of Pattern making.

It is real personalised class, prepared and organised according to your need.

How does it work ?

For the Group Classes

There are different levels in the same class with a sewing corner for those who want to sew.

The classes are very small in number : 3 maximum and last 2 hours.  We need to be very well organised for that.

You book your 2 hours according to availibility.

Students don’t arrive at the same time, half an hour is required to start the student project. It is “nearly” a private class. After your 2 hours, you leave the table to another student.

Get in touch with me for more info.

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