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Mini classes

Group classes

Fridays afternoon and Saturdays

The classes are outside traffic peak hours so you don’t spend to more time in your car.

You can book 1, 2, 3 or 6 classes (on the same basis as before)

Individual Classes

One to one Classes.

On appointement only.

It is for the students who don’t want to follow the standard begginners and advanced and need more personal adaptation of Pattern making.
It is real dedicated class prepared and organised according to your need.

How does it work ?

For the Group Classes

There are different levels in the same class with a sewing corner for those who want to sew.

The classes are very small in number : 3 maximum and last 2 hours.  We need to be very well organised for that.

You book your 2 hours according to availibility.

Students don’t arrive at the same time, half an hour is required to start the student project. It is “nearly” a private class. After your 2 hours, you leave the table to another student.

Car Parking Space

There is plenty of free street parking but it is 2 hours only.

There is one available parking space in my driveway, so we can swap cars between the 2 students to extend the time to more than 2 hours. It is easy to work out as the classes don’t start at a fixed time for everybody but on booking.

The sewing is done in the class according to the needs. The beginners in sewing will start by sewing their calico toile : darts pivotting, sides and sleeves. They can practice on calico before sewing their “dream fabric”. see class description

Get in touch with me for more info.

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