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Pattern Drafting Tutorial : How to draw a cowl sleeve with gathers

How to draw a cowl sleeve with gathers

the drafting of that sleeve is very easy. In the pictures, it is applied on shorts sleeves but it can be done on long sleeves too.

That sleeve is very impressive and create a real statement.

we first start drafting a standard block .

Not too wide at the bottom

First, we determine the full length and cut off what is not necessary

We draw the drape lines.

we can draw as many as we want. 

We separate the front and back along the centre of the sleeve. We pivot the two parts to give extra volume for our cowl. the more we open, the deeper the cowl will be

develop the parts as shown by pivoting along the chosen points on the armhole.

The last part must be lined horizontally. 

You might have to increase or disminish the angles at the bottom to fit the last part nicely. They dont have to touch the center front line : it doesnt matter if it overlaps and leaves a gap as long as it is not too big

we can leave it the way it is but extending vertically to insert gathers is better.

Outline the finished sleeve

the top (purple) will be sewn first matching the notches. the sides will be sewn after (turquoise blue)

seam allowances

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