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Pattern making-How to draw the pattern of a cowl top


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That is my first post on pattern making tutorials. A lot more is to follow.

That cowl neck top is one of the easiest top to draw and to sew.

The video below will give you step by steps instructions to draw it yourself

It starts with a dartless bust block or slopper and the transformations are on neck and center front only.

The depth of the cowl is determined by the measurement C. It needs to be raised to a line which form a right angle with the center front line.

If my explanations are not clear now, they will be after watching the video.

Chiffon silk goes well with that model. Any knitwear, velvet, satin can be use too as long as it drapes well.

Let me know how you go with it


Instructions on video




2 thoughts on “Pattern making-How to draw the pattern of a cowl top”

  1. I am a fairly new sewer and was trying to find a pattern for a cowl neck for an 18inch doll. I have designed some of my own patterns, but cannot get this right. Found your site and going to make my own pattern and try it using your instructions. May not get it done for a couple of weeks, but will let you know how I made out…Thanks, it looks quite clear.. we will see…….lol

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