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Pattern Making Tutorial : How to draw a Fitted Sleeve

How to draw a fitted sleeve

A fitted sleeve is a sleeve which follow the natural curve of the arm. It has a dart at elbow level to “bent” the sleeve. It is more fitted and can be very narrow at wrist.

We start drawing a standard sleeve. The instructions are in a previous post, there.

Draw an horizontal line at elbow level.

It is necessary to determine the circumference of the sleeve at wrist level. It can be very narrow. I choose 24 cm.

Put a notch at half the circumference of the wrist

In our case, it is 12 cm

Cut on the horizontal elbow line

Pivot using the top center line as a pivoting point.

Stop when the notch at the bottom reaches the center line

Lift slightly so the notch reaches the horizontal line (wrist line). 

That step is not compulsory. The sleeve length will be the original sleeve length. If we don’t lift that block, the sleeve will be longer

Draw a line from elbow line to new wristline at back.

 Extent it of 1/4 of sleeve width at wrist level (in our example, we want 24 cm circumference at bottom sleeve). so extent 6 cm.

Remove what is not necessary. We extent the new wristline.

we highlight the bent line and the crown on the front side (from bent line to underarm)

Draw a line from the top of bend line to the extended new wrist line.

Now we have in green the old bend line and in red the new bend line.

Pivot the block so it reaches the new bend line.

Our new sleeve is taking shape

mirror the bottom bit along the new bend line. Our bottom sleeve is complete and is equal to 24 cm.

draw the underline line on front side

we measure the two sides. 

Remember that they have to be sewn together

the difference will be the width of the elbow dart.

we draw the elbow dart. the width is 2.75cm ( the difference between back and front, it will depend on the sleeve). 

The two legs of the dart have to be equal. Lengthen the bottom leg to do so

Curve and smoothen the new wrist line

All done, have a look at the video for more details

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