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Patternmaking Tutorial : How to draw a Peplum

Patternmaking Tutorial : How to draw a Peplum

Choice of blocks

This tutorial shows variations of peplums from hardly flared to full flared.

A peplum is a kind of skirt attached to a top. In the pictures I used the same top part and pinned different peplum to show the contrast.

We can either start from a full bodice block or a skirt block (if you want the peplum attached to the waist line).

If you want to attach the peplum at a lower level (below the waist) use the full bodice block and draw the separation line below the waist.


Whatever block you choose, you will have a better result if you distribute the darts evenly. They need to be at equal distance to one another and of the same depth. The flares will be all equal if we proceed that way.



We then proceed the same way as for flaring a skirt. It is better to determine the length first.



The three levels of development. small flared, medium flare and large :

And the result is :


The center front is on the fold and grainline. That peplum is to be attached to the top bodice part at the waist. (the peplum could sit lower if you draw the first line of separation below the waist).

In certain cases, the front and back can be joined at the sides but it is better if the flare is small (it is safer that way).



Here is the video with the detailed development.





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