Patternmaking Tutorial : How to draw a Trumpet Skirt-Part 1

Patternmaking Tutorial : How to draw a Trumpet Skirt

A trumpet skirt is a very fitted skirt which flares out widely either at knee level or slightly higher or lower. It is very similar to the 6 panel skirt of my previous post here

We start with a skirt block with 2 darts of equal value at front and back. Place the darts where the seam will be.

Lengthen the skirt if need be

draw vertical lines from the dart down to the hem line

We have 6 sections

Separate the sections

Draw an horizontal line. the flares will start from that line

draw flare lines. Here I pivoted the vertical line below the line. the flares are 8 cm but can be more or less, depending on the fullness you want to add

Draw the hem line. Notice that the hemline curves up on both sides. It is following the arc I made by pivoting the vertical line to their new position

Just put seam allowance on the 6 pieces

Here are different variation with flares starting higher or lower

We can even have an oblique line

The flares won’t start at the same level. The fullness won’t be evenly distributed and that can create an effect

the flare line are pivoted the same way but make sure that they start on a same horizontal line if they are going to be sewn together.

Next tuto will on another trumpet skirt.

The horizontal line will be a seam to develop a peplum

Patternmaking Tutorial : How to draw a Trumpet Skirt-Part 1

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