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Patternmaking Tutorial : How to draw a Trumpet Skirt-Part 2

How to draw a trumpet skirt with peplum

That trumpet skirt is done by inserting an horizontal seamline and distribute the flares in the bottom part.

As opposed to the previous one where we inserted many vertical seamlines and distributed the flares along those lines. see tuto there

Same start

straight skirt block
lengthen the skirt if need be

Join at side seam

Draw the seamline. Here, we started the line lower at the back. It can be horizontal if you want to

Cut along that line.

We have two parts

We are going to cut and spread the bottom part.

Separate in 6 parts the bottom part (or more)

Here, we spead the parts evenly. It doesn’t have to be that way. More volume can be added at the back.

The peplum line can be a curve to avoid the angle at center front and center back

we follow the same step along that curve line. Cut and spread the peplum on a curve line.

Have a look at the video.

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