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Pdf Pattern download : Jumpsuit with a knot


sketch of jumpsuit with a knot

Come in 6 sizes.

Pdf download pattern in A1 size paper. Size 8 to 18 (UK size)

The opening is in the front to make it easy to remove.

The knot is tied to mark the waist.

Can be made in viscose or other light weight fabric. Linen is a good option too.

Pattern for a Jumpsuit with a knot

That jumpsuit is very easy to make.

The Jumpsuit has an invisible zip at center front, behind the knot: it is the only technical difficulty.

There are 2 darts at the back for a closer fit.

It is full length and very wide at the bottom.

The knot marks the waist.

It comes in 6 sizes. European size 36 to size 46 (Size 8 to 18).

See Chart below

size chart



Lightweight, very lightweight, medium weight. It has to drape well and be fluid for the knot to tie easily. It has to be stable to hold a zip (please no silk chiffon) and thick enough not to see through because there is no lining.

You will need between 2.50 and 3 meter of fabric, depending on the width. Use light interfacing for the back and front facing.

My Patterns

The pattern comes in A1 pages. The back, the front and other pieces are in separate files for easy management.

Tiling can be tedious and I tried to make it easy for you.

The files have layers. With Acrobat, you can tick a layer on/off. There is 1 layer for each size and each size is in different color.

There are more instructions on layers there.

If you choose to Tile the pattern into smaller pages (A4 or A3 for exemple), untick the layers you dont’ want and print.

Adobe acrobat let you organize tiling with the page format and the overlap you want. It is easy to put back together the pages as the pattern has grid lines 5 cm apart.

More explanation and instruction here.The stitching lines are printed in small dotted lines so you can understand how the pattern works.

The seam allowance is 1 cm.It comes with an instruction booklet. It shows you the way to assemble the pattern pieces.You choose your own finishing.

The pattern has 5 cm grids.


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