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All the patterns are downloadable patterns. Some have variations to give you the choice to customize your garment. For example and depending on the models, you will have the choice between long/short sleeves, or low/high crutch for trousers, or the size or paper to use A4 or A3. Just choose in the drop down boxes.

Pattern pdf download

Patterns come with an instruction sheet including assembling guide lines. There is one size only by pattern.

All free patterns are downloadable in A4 format. The paying pattern are in a bigger page size : A1 or A0. They come in layers which you can view separately and print separately. I give instructions on my block on how to view the layers you need and how to tile the pattern in A4 or A0 for home printing.

The photos are of the finished items, the final result will depend on which fabric you choose, the finishing techniques you use and the type of sewing machine you have.


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