Step by step assembling instructions to sew the wrap pants

You will find this pattern in my ETsy shop there.

The step by step instruction is made on a half size pattern for explanation purpose. Pictures are easier to take and the whole process is quicker.


First step is stitching the slant pockets and the front pleats ( make the notch correspond and fold the pleat)

front right (wrong side)

front right

We do the same on the left side



Stitch the 2 backs together and fronts together at the crotch.


back sewn along the crotch line


same for the front

Now join the back and the front at outside and inside seams.

back front


sew the waist line on the top

back: waistband sewn right side against right side back; waistband turned up


front : the pleat at the front folds by itself the pleat at the front fully closed



On the waistband, the pleats are indicated by the thick in the pattern.

Fold along the line, press and top stitch to keep it in place. On that topstitch line, we are going to sew loops.



Place the button and do the same in the inside along the inside pleat. The loop and the buttons are smaller as they don’t have to hold any tension, they are just there to prevent the pleat from falling.