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How to sew a pouch or a patch pocket

How to sew a pouch or a patch pocket


This tutorial is part of the instruction to sew the “easy shirt”.

It is very similar to thee applique we saw in an earlier tutorial there and can be used for sewing patch pockets.

First, cut X2 the pieces : upper pouch and under pouch


the top part is interfaced where the opening will be. It is like any pocket opening. both part can be interfaced


Stitch the two parts right side against right side. Just leave a couple of cm unstitched. It will be the hole to turn the whole inside out.


Notch every corner in preparation to turn inside out.


turn inside out through the hole left at the bottom.


Iron well so you can see the shape : it ready now to sew in position. There, where it is drawn. don’t sew the pouch opening: that is the opening of the pouch pocket.


the rest of explanation of that shirt is there

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