How to sew a very neat appliqué

How to sew a very neat Appliqué : Example of a bib shirt


Applique give such a nice detail on clothes. Many techniques can be applied : the easiest is to apply the shape of fabric on a background and ziz zag along the edge of that shape with a narrow stitch.

The technique explained here is more tidy.

You have to apply that technique for the making of the bib shirt in my shop there;

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neat applique15
Here is the shape of the applique

neat applique14
On the right side. cover the edgeswith interfacing light weight, sticking side up.

neat applique13
stitch all the way around 1 cm from the edge.

neat applique12
Cut the corners. It is going to turned inside out

neat applique11
iron out the interfacing towards the outside

neat applique10
do that all around
neat applique8

neat applique7
turn on the wrong side. the interfacing is “stuck” on the one centimeter border

neat applique6
iron the interfacing completely inside. it will stick on the wrong side
neat applique5

neat applique4
do that all around

neat applique3
we have now a nice piece with neat edges0

neat applique2
It looks perfect on the right side

neat applique1
Ready to be applied anywhere: here a bib.



How to sew a very neat appliqué

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