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Pattern Making-Finishing a Jacket – method 2

Pattern Making-Finishing at the front facing/lining/hem junction

That is following the post method 1


method 2

Method 2

That neat finishing is the standard nowadays and fits the mass production of garments because very easy. It is the one I use the most in my pattern as it is very straighforward and self-explanatory from the pattern

In that example, the facing and the front are identical but contrary to the previously, the crease on the folding line (hem) is diagonal so less value is folded up.

As the facing is identical to the front piece, and because the bottom part is covered with lining at the fold, some lining might be seen when the garment is worn especially if the fabric and the lining are thick. In that case, the 3rd method will be applied.

The following video will attempt to give sewing instructions based on the pattern itself. Hope it is clean enough


Method 3 to follow in next post

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