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Pattern making-Finishing a Jacket – Method 4

Finishing at the front facing/lining/hem junction

That is following the post method 1method 2 and method 3.


pattern making-facing-lining finishing 4Method 4

That way of finishing looks more logical but,in fact,is harder to do.

It gives a very neat horizontal line at the bottom-center front of the jacket because the seam + seams allowances give weight and thickness. 

The lining doesn’t hang underearth the garment and is very well in place.

The main drawback is that extra piece of raw edge at the bottom of the facing on the hem side. In my example above, I left it as is overlocked, but it could be “push inside” and stitched by hand; It can be left raw at that particular place where it rubs against the garment undereath (jumper, trousers, or skirt)

The following video will attempt to give sewing instructions based on the pattern itself. Hope it is clean enough


Method 3 to follow in next post

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