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Pattern Making-Finishing a Jacket – method 1

Pattern making – Finishing at the front facing/lining/hem junction

Recently I made a pattern for a jacket. It was a jacket without lining and I drafted it  on my client measurements.

It was for a jacket initially without lining but I included in the order the lining pieces just in case my client choose to make a lined jacket with the same pattern.

Few problems came to my mind on which finishing technique to choose because the shape of the lining will differ according to the technique we use.

I can remember 4 different ways to finish jacket at facing/lining/hem junction


pattern making-jacket finishing 1

Method 1

That neat finished is seen a lot on vintage garments. Garment done in the day where industrial mass sewing was inexistent.

It is my favorite finishing but I don’t apply it often on my patterns because it is rarely seen and might confuse the dressmakers who purchase my patterns. In my patterns I use the standard method which I will explain in next post.

The facing and the front are identical. It sits nicely and is very clean neat finishing with a vintage flare.


The following video will attempt to give sewing instructions based on the pattern itself. Hope it is clear enough


Method 2 to follow in next post

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