Patternmaking Tutorial : how to draw the legs of trousers

How to draw the legs of trousers Trousers Basic Principals : How to style the legs. We start with a basic trousers block with darts. Basic jeans block can be stylised the same way. Some observation : theĀ  back is 4 cm wider than the front at knee and ankle level There is a center […]

Assymetric faux wrap top – pleat with the bust dart

Assymetric faux wrap top first we have to choose which block we are going to use.the top is not symmetric and we prefer to use a symmetric block. the bust dart on the right is going in the pleat across, we are left with the dart of the left side. Doing that way will give […]

Pattern making tutorial-how to draw a princess line

Pattern making tutorial-how to draw a princess line   Drawing a princess line is part of our beginners pattern making classes. Here is a summary of ‘how to proceed” with step by instructions and pictures. We choose to show a princess line cut into the armhole but it could be done into the shoulder seam […]

Enlargement on basic bodice blocks

Enlargement-How to enlarge a basic block. Tutorial on where to put the new side lines in order to give more ease for a jacket   That animation is to show how to make an enlargement on a bodice block to make a close fitted jacket. Those enlargement values are minimal for jacket. Enlargement come first, […]

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