Class on Copy your favorite garment

Class on Copy your favorite garment



Another update on our weekly pattern making class.


The exercise of the class was to copy one’s garment. We had to apply our pattern making technique on our blocks made on our¬†measurement.

Here is the original

It is a t-shirt with sleeves. the neckline is assymetric : a yoke and a piece over the shoulder. All in a stiff woven fabric like dupion silk


We started the easy way with a dartless block

Dartless block

And here is the result

And look at the perfect finishing inside


Also note the detail on the sleeves. the underarm seam has changed into 2 seams to create the tailored sleeve look. We have a upper sleeve and an under sleeve and the seam matches the yoke. PERFECT AND WELL DONE.


Class on Copy your favorite garment

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