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Study on a Karen Walker Dress



Study on a Karen Walker Dress

Here is some news about the work done in the class. we have been so busy producing new patterns, learning new techniques that I couldn’t find the time to write on the updates.

When the beginners level is achieved, we start working on individual projects.

Yoshiko choose a dress from the Karen Walker 2014’s collection.

Even if the dress seems very simple at first sight on a pattern making point of view, the distribution of volume and the big knot at the back was a real challenge to the class. As Yoshiko is still at beginners stage, we had to simplify the neckline at front with the two overlapping darts. I suggest that she would do a dart manipulation instead towards the center front and leave the dart un stitched to give a similar effect.



That was so much fun to make that pattern and the class really enjoyed the result.

More updated on other projects soon…………

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